Monday, August 31, 2009

August Gals B'day bash

guess what, my hubby's aunts (5) and two cousin are born in the month of August all 7 of them ... nice planning ya!

so my mum decided to present them the kookiekutz specials.... the Purple and pink theme..

it contains the cookies, the bouquet and a dozen of cookie bites (add on), plus a present box...

it must contain something precious... i guess.. :o

Aidil Fitri gifts

Aidilfitri is coming... we are starting to take orders for raya...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

a gift for Mum... my critic and my customer

test.. test and test. Best result so far. Got a lot of feedback from friends and relatives.... very positive.... Yahooo!

despite lacking in equipments... shhhh!

Kandar's B'day Bouquet

2nd project... my brother's B'day... this time no mistakes, proved to be otherwise.... still a lot to improve..

Birthday bouquet

Our first project... my sister's birthday ... yeeehah

oh my, what a hassle on the ingredients... no experience at all